Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning Sale

Oh yeah! Things are really starting to get crazy around here. The Rascal definitely needs to clean up his messy room. He needs to make room for new inventory. But he's gone a bit nuts!

We are offering throughout the spring a 25% discount on our ALL READY low prices to all our friends!

Just use the checkout code (crazyrascal) during checkout.
Visit our store to see the available items.

Now buying a gift for a loved one, or just simply treating yourself (because you deserve it) just got a bit easier on the pockets.

Bringing Quality and Value to our friends is very important to us. We are looking to get feedback from you on the type of items you would like to see at our store at a great price. We would also appreciate if you can take a moment and rate the items on the store. This will help us to know what items you want and like. Plus other friends and customers can use it as a tool when shopping. Your feedback is important!

Thanks for ll your help and support!

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