Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meeting With Disney

Last week July 14th I flew out to California to meet with the Consumer Products Division at Disney.
The Stationery department to be exact. The company I work for holds the stationery licence with Disney. I was making a presentation on new items and dirctions we at Horizon want to go in. I cant say to much because of course its all TOP SECRET stuff. Lets just say it went very well.

The Consumer Products offices are located a few miles away from the DISNEY Head quarters. I've had the pleasure of visiting both offices on business trips.
Security is tight and in a very Disney style the hallways are filled with Disney art created by Disney artist. Below are a few pics that I took of art on the walls and a small glimpse at their campus.
Security was Tight!
A Princess Dress Made of Bubble Wrap and Foil! This is located next to the receptionist desk.

Across fronm the Receptionist you have a large TRON wall of Art and Display. Unfortunately the TRON bike was out on tour:(

Disney Wall Art!
Cafeteria and folks Barbecuing outside. Now at Disney they know how what lunch time should be like!


  1. Holy moly, man. This blog is full of all sorts of great news! This is awesome.

  2. Jeff,
    I'm trying to keep it interesting. There are so many facets to what I do and into making toys. I want to blog about it all.

  3. That place is great. I haven't been in there in years.