Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First Blog

Okay here we go. My fist blog!
I'm looking around cheking out whats hot in the Designer Toy world. Its very different than the toy industry I'm in now. Currently I am employed by a toy company called Horizon Group USA. At Horizon I am the VP of Creative Design. I know the tween activity kit business in side out. Here are a few samples of the kits I've developed for Horizon.

As you can see is predominantly all Tween girl kits. The funny thing is my background is in graffitti and comicbooks. All the boy stuff.
Now I have thousands of my kits that I created in all the major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels, Toys R Us just to name a few.
From time to time I'll post kits that I've developed here for Horizon that are in the market place.
I am looking to apply these skills that I have learned in the kits industry and apply it to the designer toys. There is some really kool stuff out there so this wont be an easy task.

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